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Crime Stoppers International Specialized Training and Program Award
In November 2021, it was announced that Crime Stoppers PEI was awarded the 2021 Crime Stoppers International Specialized Training and Program Award. This international recognition was in response to the provincial anti bullying campaign. In partnership with the Charlottetown Islanders Hockey Team, Crime Stoppers PEI conducted a series of school visits to discuss the harm of bullying on students and ways it can be eliminated. In addition, an anti-bulling "Pink T-shirt" design contest was also held.

The presentations by the Charlottetown Islanders players to students across Prince Edward Island was a great success that brought home the message on standing up to bullying and the design contest produced some excellent submissions for the Pink T-shirts. We are hoping that by continuing this work, students will more comfortable and confident in standing up for themselves, supporting others and knowing that there is help and support for them if they are victims of bullying. Island students do not stand alone and the involvement of Crime Stoppers, the school boards, and the Charlottetown Islanders Management and Players is indicative of this support.

Crime Stoppers PEI would like to send out a big thank you to the Prince Edward Island School Boards and the Charlottetown Islanders Junior Hockey Club for their partnership and dedication to anti-bulling in our schools!

Watch the award announcement here!

On October 19th, Crime Stoppers hosted the annual "Police Officer of the Year" Awards. Most Islanders recognize that the job of policing in today's evolving society is a challenging task. Crime Stoppers along with our primary sponsor, Maritime Electric, wish to shine a spotlight on members of the Policing Community that go beyond the regular scope of their duties; those that not only treat the public fairly but insert themselves into the very fabric of Island life. The "Police Officer of the Year" Award is an event designed to recognize that extra effort.

We would like to congratulate this year's recipients, RCMP Officer, Constable Kim Dudley and Charlottetown Police Services, Constable Zachary Gould. Both recipients are known for their admirable work ethic and dedication to community safety.

Crime Stoppers and Maritime Electric recognize the challenges that all officers in our Province face daily and we wish to thank all of them for their dedication and efforts to make our Province a safer place.

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