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Protect your property from thieves with the best anti-theft program available!

Operation Hands Off ® is a nationally coordinated strategy designed to prevent theft. This program provides a multi-layered approach to crime prevention and incorporates several layers of identification. These layers include MicroDotDNA TM, DataMatrixDNA, forensic markings and a sophisticated law enforcement data base system designed to provide 24/7 traceability for all registered property.

Operation Hands Off ® system provides a 21st century solution for property identification and traceability for all types of assets such as: 
  • Personal Belongings
  • Personal Electronics such as ipods
  • Laptops
  • Bike Registry - protection against bike theft.
  • Artwork etc.
  • Tools
  • Equipment
  • Building Materials
  • And other assets that otherwise could not be identified.
Property identification has long been recognized as the primary defense against theft and the prosecution of criminals. Without property identification, a criminal might not be charged with a crime and recovered property may never be returned due to the lack of identification.

Property identification also significantly increases the risk to a thief by increasing the possibility of the property being identified while trying to sell the item online or through pawn shops.

Citizens also play a part in this program as they can also search a serial number before purchasing an item to check if it is registered on the Operation Hands Off ® website. The program as a whole creates an effective anti-theft protection program that everyone can play a part in.

Become a member of Operation Hands Off ® today and help support your local Crime Stoppers program while protecting your property. A portion of proceeds from this program supports both Canadian Crime Stoppers Association and participating local Crime Stoppers programs.

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